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Kiel - Merging Cultures in a Carneval of Celebration - Kieler Woche 2014

It was the beginning of Kieler Woche. This is an annual celebration attracting millions of visitors each year. I was keen to share the experience this carnival style event with its mixture of cultures and celebration of life.

Preparing the Tour Events Music Sport

After exiting the train station we were immediately drawn to a stage pumping out live music. I was soon to discover that the city was alive with such stages and variety performances at every turn and corner!

On The Way - From Plön Holstein to Kiel

Wandering around the foreshore allowed an inhaling of the the atmosphere, considering in amazement the large variety of food stalls of so many nationalities! The place was alive with people all enjoying themselves in a celebratory party atmosphere. The waterways were lined with many boats of bygone era.

Walking arround Kieler Harbour

Colours screamed out life, laughter and fun. So much to see, so much to take in and experience, to absorb and merge into the spirit. I felt as if I walked with my eyes held wide so as not to miss a thing!

Old Hanse Kogge laying in the Harbour

The international flavour of the event was reflected in the vast variety of food stalls offering tempting examples of a variety of cuisine. The very long twilight meant that it was possible to explore endless rounds of streets that meandered on to join with another.

Walk arround - Music Food Sport

Taking Pictures of the Harbour and Events in Kiel

All the way entertainment greeted the ears and eyes enticing them to interact and become a fun loving community together. A great event for locals and visitors from home and abroad.

Live Events everywhere ----

Live Events for free in Kiel every where .... Music Fun and Sport