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Hamburg..the Venice of North Germany is a beautiful blend of old and new

Hamburg..the Venice of North Germany is a beautiful blend of old and new, tranquil nature and stately buildings speaking of a bygone era, yet mixed with a sense of the contemporary.

Hamburg Venice of the North

There is an atmosphere of being down to business whilst not being consumed by the process. The many parks seen flourishing throughout the city speak of the value of enjoying life and embracing the fullness of what is on offer.

Canal near City Hall and Jungfernstieg - Binnen Alster

Jungfernstieg - Near Council Hall

The Harbour, set on the Elbe River, is a hive of activity. The busy waterways reflect the ebb and flow of humanity busy about life's tasks.

Dinosaurs of the harbour at work- Hamburg gate to the world

Dinasaursof the harbour

Large and small work together as a team creating a community of effectiveness. Nothing is more evident in this regard than to watch the massive ships relying on the skill and strength of the little tugboats going about their business.

The life blood of the Hamburg harbour connecting with the world

The life blood of the harbour connecting with the world - Hamburg gate to the world

The many cultures represented by the people flow through to variety of restaurants promoting cuisines from around the globe. The colourful exchanges and interactions at street level reflect the cooperative interest of to embrace and live as one.

Musicians of Hamburg looking like turtles in the City Center

Turtles on their way to art highschool Hamburg

Truly a beautiful city which has risen above the devastating ashes of past wars to become a thriving, peaceful representation of embracing of the fullness of life and all it has to offer.

Tranquility in the midst of activity - Hamburg swan

The many waterways which meander through the city are dotted with regal swans declaring their legal right to move through this territory undisturbed.

Swans having in Hamburg special rights

Main Station Hauptbahnhof

Main Station Hamburg Inside

In the mainstation on the way to the exit.

Iconic craft images of Hamburg

Iconic craft images of Hamburg

Harbour Tour

Hafenrundfahrt Hamburg

Further Highlights of Hambourg Tipps!

Hamburg Attractions are put next to the harbor and city tours that are very popular events and also regular city events that 1000nde people. Even for tourism is Hamburg's world-famous fish market, a weekly attraction.

Hamburg Sehenswürdigkeiten sind neben dem Hafen und Stadtrundfahrten, die sehr beliebten auch Veranstaltungen und regelmäßige Stadtereignisse, die 1000nde Menschen anziehen. Auch für den Tourismus ist Hamburgs weltberühmter Fischmarkt eine wöchentliche Attraktion.