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Eutin What a glorious day to walk around Eutiner See!

The dense summer foliage of the trees through the forest filtered the sunlight gently to gently dance in the shadows of the sheltered floor.

Captured in the Process - Sea Roses - Eutin

Captured in the Process - Sea Roses - Eutin

Birds sang with gusto ascending in a united song of praise! The bees hummed in the flowers, their earnestness rising in intensity as they squabbled over space within the same astonishing sight to watch!

Alley of Light - Near the Castle Eutin

Aleey of Light - Near the Eutiner Castle

Along the way we met a delightful lady from Köln with whom we chatted at some length. She, too was rejoicing in the beauty of Schleswig-Holstein, the Switzerland of North Germany. She was riding her bike with a friend along Jacob's Way. This charming walk around Eutiner See was part of the this Way. Certainly this is a delightful part of the world that is well worth a visit.

Lost in Memories

Lost in Memories

A Visit to Eutin - sparkling diamonds in the light of Eutiner See creating jewels of remberance in the heart of those who walk the treasured path around the Lake - Walking around The beautiful Lake, passing the Castle enjoying Water Forest Nature

Stately Bearing

Stately Bearing - Castle Eutin

Summer affords absolutely glorious days to walk around the Eutiner Lake. The sun shining beautifully, the castle looking serene and stately in its tranquil setting. The pathway that meanders around the lake is dotted with seats inviting those who need to rest to soak in the refreshing atmosphere.



Bathing in Nature

Bathing Nature Schwimmbad Eutin


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