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Bosau to Hutzfeld charming jewel of the North!

Bosau and Hutzfeld lie in the beautiful touristic Schleswig-Holstein region of North Germany. The fields are in full bloom highlighting the beauty of the surrounding farming countryside. The 4 km walk between Hutzfeld and Bosau is worth every step and can also be driven for those not so inclined to walk. The beauty along the route is engaging and memorable.

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Once arriving in Bosau there is found the most delightful, charming cafe, called Brooks Cafe. This is an absolute must! A beautiful garden setting with inspiration all around. Set in beautifully maintained cottage style gardens awash with the colours of many and varied flowers presented so beautifully around a centrally located water fountain. The cutest garden paraphernalia is available for sale at very reasonable prices. The atmosphere leaves the clients longing to take some of it home with them and there is ample opportunity for this desire to become a reality! The service is friendly, professional and quick and the quality of the coffee and cake is certainly worth mentioning. A quaint and gorgeous setting that would certainly inspire customers to return.

Gästehaus Cafe in Bosau

Within a few sort steps lies a beautiful, serene and tranquil lake. Sit on a bench and look over the calmness of the lake. The warmth of the summer sun relaxes and draws the visitor into a world far away where they can be lost in a sense of beauty and charm. While watching, an older lady decided to go for a swim. I was very skeptical about the water temperature and thought her to be very brave. I decided to check and found that it was not as cold as I had anticipated. On a hot day the refreshing water would be very welcome.

Rast zwischen Bosau und Plön . Parkbänke landen zum Verweilen ein

Heading back to Hutzfeld I was so enrapt by the singing birds hiding in the tall, shady tress. I kept wanting to stop, listen and try to find them, a task that proved very difficult indeed. But the time we had returned I had decided that I was really enjoying summer in Germany - and in particular in this part of the North!

Blick auf den Bischhofsee - Bosau - Augsfelde

Tranquility of the countryside Between Bosau and Hutzfeld -

Fields right for the harvest

Harvest - Time Field behind Hutzfeld

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