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Online Marketing For Small Companies

About Rosehr Marketing provides an online marketing service with a difference. This service is taken outside the office to your workplace providing a hands on experience which allows your marketing to be brought to life. Hans has had years of experience on the frontline working as an international export manager for a large company in Europe. He has also worked with Warner Bros and Coca-Cola in a merchandising capacity where he was responsible for marketing and shifting large amounts of products under those brand names. Licenced by Basf-Emtec

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His experience in owning, managing and marketing his own store has given him a solid grounding and understanding of all facets of business from the ground level up. In addition to this experience he has also had hundreds of hours of training with Google in effective promotion of business in a competitive online arena. His successful online marketing business in Europe has seen many happy customers renewing their services with him annually over many years. They have expressed frustration with having an extensively designed webpage but then discovering that there is little traffic crossing that website. Hans specialises in improving the traffic flow. His skills in this area have resulted in significant business growth and happy business owners. He provides a service which showcases the business owner through a combination of pictures and information. This requires him to spend time in the business context and to get a real feel for that business so that he can share the heart with the potential customer. He combines this with his extensive technical skills for online marketing to increase traffic flow. His service takes a hands on approach and is one where he continually monitors and adjusts the business advertisements according to the extensive google analytics which he analyses extensively and adopts accordingly. This is something that the average business owner has no time to consider but is vital in effective business promotion. Being able to trust that your business promotion is in very capable hands is a great relief as well as being exciting as you see the results take place. If this sounds like something that would be for you please contact Hans at dialog@rosehrmarketing.com Or Phone +61 (0) 412 220 177

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